As a whole, there are a lot of nationwide studies that you never want to see your home state score low on. This is one of them.

A new study conducted by the conducted by personal finance website, WalletHub, compares all fifty states and the District of Columbia across 35 key metrics to rank each to determine the "2021 Best & Worst States for Children's Health Care".

Source: WalletHub
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Overall, the Cowboy State didn't do too bad. We ranked 24th, which puts us (barely) on the better half of the study in comparison with the rest of America. One particularly alarming statistics was where Wyoming ranked for Kid's Oral Health, were we landed at an abysmal 39th!

Even more disturbing is was our ranking for "Highest Percentage of Children With Unaffordable Medical Bills" (47th) and "Highest Percentage of Uninsured Children" (49th).

The one redeeming stat was our ranking for "Lowest Percentage of Obese Children", which garnered the #1 spot. We're pretty sure that last statistic is the only thing keeping the state from an even lower overall score.

Wyoming, we need to do better for the sake of our youth. They are after all, the future.

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