According to a new study from the United States Census Bureau, Wyoming is the 16th youngest state in the country. The report estimates the average age in the Cowboy State is now 37.7 years, below the national average of 38.

Although Wyoming ranks among the youngest states, the population is rapidly aging. Since 2010, the number of senior citizens living in the state has grown over 30 percent while the number of children has declined by nearly eight percent. The Wyoming Economic Analysis Division predicts that senior citizens will account for over 20 percent of the state's population by 2030.

Albany County is the youngest county in the state, with an average age of 27.6. Campbell County is the second youngest, with an average age of 34.4. Campbell County also the lowest percentage of senior citizens and the highest percentage of pre-school children in Wyoming. The median age in both Laramie and Natrona counties is 37.





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