A new bill naming the Blotched Tiger Salamander as the official Wyoming State Amphibian is expected to become law this week. The cold-blooded creature joins a long list of government proclamations honoring animals in the Cowboy State.

Wyoming has an official state bird, the Meadowlark, a state dinosaur, the Triceratops, a state fish, the Cutthroat Trout, a state insect, the Green Hairstreak Butterfly, a state mammal, the Bison, a state reptile, the Horned Toad, and even an official state mythical creature, the Jackalope.

Oddly enough, Wyoming doesn't have a state horse. 14 states have named an official equine, ranging from the Appaloosa in Idaho to Thoroughbreds in Kentucky.

For a state rooted in cowboy culture (and gambling), Wyoming should also have a horse in the race.

Here are the favorites:

Steamboat, the iconic bucking horse on our state's legendary logo, was a Black Gelding. Odds: 2 to 1

The Wild Mustang could represent the estimated 6,000 wild horses in the state. Odds: 4 to 1. 

Or, we could honor beloved University of Wyoming mascot Cowboy Joe, who is a Shetland Pony. Odds 10 to 1.

Get your bets in before the window closes.


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