In one of the last votes of the 2016 budget session of the Wyoming Legislature, lawmakers in both the state house and senate have approved a compromise local funding formula that sets aside some funding for communities undergoing a financial hardship due to declining revenues.

The measure allocates roughly half as much money for those communities as a funding formula approved by the senate earlier this week. The house had originally refused to agree to the earmarking of funds for hardship communities.

But a conference committee hammered out an agreement cutting the amount earmarked for those communities from about 10 percent of a portion of the  allocation to about five percent

The compromise measure passed the house by a vote of 43-12 and the senate by a margin of 18-11, although there were members of both houses who said they were agreeing only grudgingly.

The final allocation of state money for the 99 local governments across the state totals $105 million, an increase of $15 million over the amount put forward by Governor Matt Mead in his proposed budget.