Wyoming Senate President Drew Perkins [R-Natrona County] and House Speaker Steve Harshman released the following statement on the coronavirus on Monday evening:

Leadership in the Wyoming House and Senate have been closely following the coronavirus and encouraging best practices among our members and staff to keep all who come to the Capitol safe. We are aware that a handful of legislators recently attended a conference where an attendee was subsequently diagnosed with coronavirus. These attendees had no known contact with the infected individual. Wyoming State Health Officer Dr. Alexia Harrist has advised that they are likely not at risk for contracting the virus. Per the Wyoming Department of Health, individuals who are classified as low risk or no identifiable risk and do not have symptoms have no recommended movement or social distancing restrictions. We are continuing to monitor the situation and any new information that arises.”

“It’s important to note that as coronavirus becomes more widespread, many individuals will likely come into contact with someone affected by the disease – be that on a plane, at a concert or sporting event, shopping center or any place large numbers of individuals gather. It is important to stay diligent and follow the health advice of healthcare professionals including regular hand washing and stay home when symptoms arise.”

“The Legislature is working in tandem with Gov. Gordon’s office and the Department of Health to ensure we have access to important resources to prevent the spread of the disease here in Wyoming and respond accordingly.”


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