The Wyoming Department of Administration and Information has released its December MACRO report for Wyoming.

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According to the report, state-wide employment in November 2021 increased by 1,700, or 0.6%, when compared to November 2020, putting Wyoming at 3.7% unemployment, compared to the national level of 4.2%.

Jobs in the mining sector increased year-over-year by 1,500 or 10.4%, with oil rigs having increased by around 10 in the past year, while only one or two more gas rigs have restarted production.

State and local governments experienced the largest job decline, down 1,400, or 2.4%, compared to November 2020.

The city of Casper experienced an increase in jobs of 300, or 0.8%, while Cheyenne experienced a larger increase of 1,200 jobs, or 2.6%, in a November year-over-year comparison.

Casper is also below Cheyenne in other metrics, with Casper having around 4% less employment than in 2006, while Cheyenne has almost 11% more employment compared to its numbers from 2006.

The state also saw a $30.3M, or 7.9%, increase in sales and use tax revenue generated, with mining seeing the greatest percent change at 48.6% or $11 million, while retail trade saw the biggest total increase at $21.8 million or 14.6%.

Wholesale trade meanwhile saw the biggest decline in terms of percent and total number, with a decrease of 43.2% or $17.2 million in the fiscal year 2022, from July to December, compared to the fiscal year 2021.

Wyoming's gross domestic product also saw a 1.5% decrease compared to the previous quarter, while the U.S. as a whole and the Rocky Mountain region both saw increases of 2.3% and 1.6% respectively compared to the previous period.

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