Finally some good news that should help you sleep better at night, especially when it comes to your finances. The Cowboy State has landed at the bottom of a national ranking, but for a good reason. Wyoming is the least most vulnerable state when it come to theft and identity fraud.

Credit website, WalletHub, recently compiled a study listing the most and least vulnerable states (and Washington DC) for theft and identity fraud. Overall, Wyoming had excellent scores. We had the 3rd least identity theft complaints per capita and we were in a five-way tie for 45th lowest average loss amount due to fraud with Kentucky, Michigan, Oregon and Maine.

Source: WalletHub

WalletHub also listed 4 awesome tips for avoiding identity fraud and theft which included:

  • Emphasize Email Security
  • Sign Up for Credit Monitoring
  • Leverage Account Alerts & Update Contact Info
  • Use Common Sense Online

If Wyoming had to be on the bottom of a list, this is the one we're proud to be 51st on.

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