In honor of National Teacher Appreciation Day, here's a salute to the nearly 7,500 hard-working educators in the Cowboy State. While recent strikes have grabbed headlines in several states, teachers in Wyoming have some of the highest annual wages in the country.

According to the National Center For Education Statistics, teaching salaries in Wyoming have increased over 20% since 2000. While salaries vary by county, the average annual wage in the state is $57,440 for elementary school teachers, $60,030 for middle school teachers, and $58,020 for high school teachers. Combined with the low cost of living, no state income tax, and above-average retirement benefits, Wyoming ranks among the best states in the country for teachers.

Wyoming also spends more to educate students than most states, ranking 7th nationwide. The teacher-to-student ratio also ranks among the lowest in the region. Thanks to that funding, test scores and graduation rates in the state are above the national average.



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