Wyoming needs doctors to keep us healthy and alive. WalletHub.com wrote an article about best and worst states for doctors. How does the Cowboy State rank? As the state grows, the need is more prevalent, but the state has a few challenges.

The study from WalletHub.com took a good look at the numbers, and then compared that data state by state. Overall the Cowboy State placed 29th out of 51 (all states plus the District of Columbia.) Wyoming scored well for opportunities for doctors, but was the 2nd worst state for quality of medicine.

As far as opportunity for Doctors, WalletHub.com gave us a score of 12th. That means there are jobs for doctors in Wyoming, and the need to fill these positions.

WalletHub.com gave Wyoming a score of 50 for quality of medicine. The only state that scored lower than us is New York. This category was graded using three categories: punitive state medical boards, malpractice award payouts per capita, and malpractice liability insurance rate. This can be interpreted many ways. The clear challenge to doctors and hospitals is the financial cost of malpractice insurance. Next the high rate of punitive state medical board judgments. Wyoming was the worst state in the union in this category. That begs the question is this a problem or a symptom?


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