Health professionals in Wyoming are more overworked than most other states in the country, according to a new study. Wyoming actually ranks fourth overall in comparison to other states. However, Wyoming physicians rank second as the most overworked in the country.

Hawaii is first in the overworked nurses category followed by Utah and Wisconsin and then Wyoming in fourth place.

Only Idaho ranks higher for overworked physicians than Wyoming.

There are only 923,308 physicians or health care specialists in the nation of roughly 325 million. For every 1000 Americans, that's 2.8 doctors. It's only a little better for nurses, particularly in Wyoming. says:

There are just 6 working nurses for every 1,000 citizens. Could it be that the wide-open spaces of the Cowboy State make for extremely long commutes for nurses? Maybe the $62,980 average salary for Wyoming RNs is a factor. It's lower than the $72,180 national average. Whatever the reason, Wyoming is another state with a shortfall nurses.

In the state with the least population, we probably would not have guessed, that among non-government employers, Wyoming has three hospitals in the top 6: Cheyenne Regional Medical CenterWyoming Medical CenterCampbell County Memorial Hospital.

Still, Casper Star Tribune explains more old baby boomers, and less new nurses

Most Overworked Healthcare Professionals