A spokesman for the Wyoming Highway Patrol says fires in high-traffic areas will be a concern over the next few days leading up to Monday's solar eclipse.

Sgt. Kyle Mckay says one potential problem is heat from the undercarriage of vehicles starting grass fires. He says that will pose a bigger problem than usual because clogged highways may make it difficult to get to the fires.

He says the fire threat is one reason why the patrol is reminding travelers that it is illegal to park on the side of the highway, both because there is a greater chance of starting grass fires in those areas as well as because of the congestion the parked vehicles might cause if emergency vehicles are trying to get somewhere.

Mckay says the patrol has been planning ahead for the expected influx of traffic for about a year and a half, coordinating those plans with local law enforcement agencies across Wyoming.

He says all troopers will be working 12-hour shifts, adding the patrol will especially be focusing enforcement efforts on places like Casper and Glendo, which will be along the route of the total solar eclipse and are expected to see especially large crowds.

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