Two Wyoming Highway Patrol dogs retired this month after a combined 17 years of service to the people of Wyoming.

K-9 Basil officially retired Aug. 1. He began his career in the Rock Springs area in 2008, where he was assigned to Trooper Tippy.

K-9 Wendy retired on Monday, having started her career with Trooper Jeramy Pittsley in Cheyenne.

Over the course of his career, Basil was deployed 473 times and sniffed out 720.4 pounds of marijuana, 122 grams of cocaine, 470.8 grams of meth, 93 grams of heroin and 1,180.5 grams of other illegal drugs.

Wendy, meanwhile, was deployed 646 times and helped find 671.4 pounds of marijuana, 123.6 grams of cocaine, 8,261.7 grams of meth and 215.7 grams of other illegal narcotics.

Basil also found 12 guns which were used in the commission of drug trafficking. In addition, he helped confiscate $401,985.

Wendy found five guns used during drug trafficking, and helped confiscate $192,552 in currency.

The Wyoming Highway Patrol says Basil loved being petted and getting all kinds of attention when he attended special events around the state.

Now, Basil can enjoy a well-deserved retirement.

Trooper Tippy has made a change as well, having been assigned to be the Patrol's new K-9 coordinator.

Wendy will live the retired life with Trooper Pittsley, who will continue his career as a K-9 handler for the Patrol.

The Wyoming Highway Patrol currently has 10 narcotic and two explosive detection dogs across the state.

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