It's spring in Wyoming, so that means bears are emerging from their dens for the first time.

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And it also means Wyoming Game and Fish is issuing its annual reminder: Be Bear Wise this spring.

According to a Game and Fish statement, if you're recreating in bear country, you need to be aware of potential encounters with bears. That means being cautious and alert. It means hiking in groups and making noise as your travel so you don't spook a bear.

Other safety measures include:

  • Learn to recognize bear sign such as tracks, scats and diggings
  • If you smell a carcass avoid it — it might be a hungry bear's dinner. Flocks magpies and ravens can indicate a nearby food source for bears. When bears scavage large animals, they often cover what they can't eat with brush or dirt. They may also stick around for several days to defend it from other bears.

Carry bear spray, but use it only as a deterrent and last resort to avoid a physical encounter with a bear.

More information can be found here. 

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