It's not often that you can see life as it appears through the eyes of a moose, but thanks to Wyoming Game and Fish now you can.

Our friends at Game and Fish dropped this very interesting moose cam video on their Facebook page recently.

According to their status, this was made possible by the Meeteetse Moose Ecology Project. Here's what they're trying to understand based on their official website:

The Meeteetse Moose Ecology Project aims to further advance our understanding of factors affecting population performance of moose...

One way to do that is to have a collar cam on a moose so you can quite literally see life through their eyes. They are apparently trying to understand how male and female moose differ in their preferred food sources and how they choose locations to rest. They theorize that male moose choose cooler daybeds because they don't have young to watch over. Interesting.

Check out the official Meeteetse Moose Ecology Project website for more details on this fascinating wildlife study.

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