The Wyoming Food for Thought Project recently announced the return of their Winter Market season, beginning on March 13. It will run once-monthly, beginning on the 13, followed by April 10 and then May 8. It will run from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the Good Food Hub, located at 420 W 1st Street, in Casper.

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The Winter Market is a place for local vendors to sell their goods, from local food and produce, to body care products, home décor, gifts and more. It’s designed to create transactions directly from seller to buyer, benefitting local producers and merchants.

The Wyoming Food for Thought Project hosted its first Winter Maker Market in October of 2014. It was held in the AG Resource Building at the fairgrounds and it was held once a month, through May. The following year, they moved to a more central location at the Lifesteps Campus. Every year the turnout has been astonishing, which has shown the Food for Thought Project that there absolutely is a market for their Market.

COVID-19 instituted a pause on the proceedings, but for the next few months, The Wyoming Food for Thought Project wants to “return to normal,” at least for a little while.

According to a release from the Wyoming Food for Thought Project, “Markets are one of the many programs Wyoming Food for Thought Project strongly advocates for. Food for Thought Markets is dedicated to creating a more equitable local food system in response to local growers and producers’ demand. Wyoming Food for Thought Project encourages everyone to participate and is welcoming to all vendors who only sell products they have grown or processed.”

The Food for Thought Winter Makers Market accepts SNAP Benefits, as well as Double Up Food Bucks or Snap Users (when produce is available).

The Wyoming Food for Thought Project offers a variety of other programs to the community throughout the year, including the year-round “Weekend Food Bag Program,” the “Food is Free” community gardens, an online Farmer’s Market, the Food for Thought Free Store, and the Good Food Hub.

Wyoming Food for Thought Project says that they “work towards providing, educating, and empowering this community in the interest of creating food security for all.”

For more information regarding the Winter Market, other Wyoming Food for Thought Programs, or volunteer information and opportunities, call (307) 337-1703 or email or visit

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