It's no secret that one of the four major Wyoming seasons is construction. Maybe that's why a couple of our friendly neighborhood construction workers decided to use social media to remind drivers to be safe and mindful of their surroundings in construction zones.

Cheyenne Construction Statement
Katy Jurgens via Facebook

Katy Jurgens, a Cheyenne construction worker, recently posted the above message in the Cheyenne Online Garage Sale group. We reached out to Katy and she had this to say:

People go way too fast, and it endangers our lives and the public's safety.

One of Casper's contruction workers, Andrea Lujan had this to say:

They [Wyoming drivers] should stop paying so much attention to their phones and focus on driving, especially in construction zones.

Lujan also semi-jokingly stated she sometimes wondered how some people actually got their drivers licenses to begin with.

Although the deaths attributed to (highway) construction workers has gone down percentage wise for the Cowboy State since 2015, we should all do everything humanly possible to get that number to zero.

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