If only these rocks could talk. If you love Wyoming history, the White Mountain petroglyphs need to be added to your gotta-do-someday bucket list.

If you've never been to this historic part of our state, White Mountain petroglyphs are located about 10 miles north of Rock Springs. Tour Wyoming has some more specific directions if you're interested in adventuring there.

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White Mountain petroglyphs aren't news to those of us that have made Wyoming home for years, but maybe they're new to you. I was reminded of them thanks to a recent video share on YouTube. NOTE: don't listen with the sound turned up unless you enjoy rap music. As for me, mute is my friend.

It's worth noting that White Mountain is considered sacred by many of the Shoshoni people. The Rock Springs Chamber shared a video many moons ago with some backstory of the Native American history in this region.

Tour Wyoming shares that the inscriptions and stories on the rock date back as much as 1,000 years.

Note that this isn't the easiest area to traverse. You need a good vehicle with durable tires and some hiking ability, but the experience of seeing a part of Wyoming that was here many centuries before modern civilization arrived is breathtaking and really gives you perspective on how rich the history of Wyoming and these petroglyphs really are.

It is truly the part of Wyoming where the rock can indeed talk. Let's hope vandals never destroy the history preserved here. Will you listen?

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