Wake up and smell the hops! Also the grains, malt, ya know what, just get ready for a big-ticket announcement from Wyoming Brewers Festival. The festival announced on their Facebook page last night that they are going to do a special ticket sale on April 25th. Not only is that the day that tickets for the festival go on sale, they're selling $25 dollar passes!

In honor of the Wyoming Brewers Festival - Presented by Midas - 25th Anniversary, we are offering our first 25 weekend passes at the delicious price of just $25!!! Tickets go on sale on April 25th, 12AM sharp!
That is a lot of 25's!!
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Here's the skinny if you're wanting to go and you miss out on the 25 dollar sale. You can still purchase tickets from their site after they sell out of their 25 dollar deals, they'll just be up to the regular price. The daily price will be $35 if you buy in advance and $60 for the whole weekend.

60 bucks for the weekend is a great price. I'm not saying you need to go both days, I'm just a big fan of value. I would also not trust waiting until the day of to snag your tickets. We haven't had any events for a year, this is going to be the first big one. EVERYONE will want to try some of the best beers in the region. You'll be sad, looking across the depot, knowing what could have been.

So camp out and get ready on April 25th for what we've been training for for a year!


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