Admittedly, I haven't been traveling around the Cowboy State since this rube from Kentucky isn't use to driving in heavy winds like the local yocals. Once the fear of my Jeep flipping over eases, or spring hits, I'll start hitting up tap rooms across the state again. Until then, I'll rely on great bars and beer stores in Cheyenne to help me taste all the beers in Wyoming.

Enter Ten Sleep Brewing Company

The first time I went to Old Chicago in Cheyenne, just after everything opened back up here, ya know, after the Tiger King portion of the pandemic, I looked at the beer menu and the server immediately told me to try the Speed Goat Golden Ale from Ten Sleep. I wish I would have remembered that guy's name, because he turned me on to one of my new favorite beers. It's got everything you need in a craft beer and it's a heck of a beer to drink while you're chowing down on some pizza, or a calzone in my case(yes I'm like Ben Wyatt on Parks and Rec).

Speed Goat is just a really well made and well balanced beer. Yeah, I like beers that have hops and a kick, or maybe malt, but sometimes, you just need a nice golden ale like this. It gets the job done. That's not a slight against them, either, I love balance.

Here's how Ten Sleep describes the brew.

Speed Goat is a golden ale loaded with 2-row and C-15 on the malt side and featuring subtle use of Willamette hops for bittering and aroma. Locally produced Bryant Honey from Worland provides a crisp dryness with a slight honey finish. Easy drinking for folks born and raised on lighter fare, the Speed Goat may go fast, just like its namesake

You can find this beer at plenty of places around Cheyenne, Old Chicago for sure, and DTs on Ridge has it ready for your growler.

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