Wyoming is one of the most popular fly fishing destinations in the world. While there is a long list of outfitters who create their own custom flies here in the Cowboy State, some anglers prefer to improvise.

According to Buck Peterson's Complete Guide to Fishing, a group of anglers in southwestern Wyoming found themselves in need of a "streamer" fly, which mimics a minnow.

In a pinch, one of them strung hair and feather wings through the filter of a cigarette, then attached a hook, creating a new fly called "The Marlboro Muddler".

It must have worked, because we're writing an article about it.

Evidently, cigarattes aren't the only items that anglers use to fashion homemade fishing flies. In Missouri, some locals lure bass with a "stink bait" fly made from their butt hair.

It's gets even grosser. Some fisherman on the east coast reportedly use dried-up boogers to make their flies.



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