It seems like we should be a hot spot for the winter, right?

When it comes to the winter, I enjoy the cold. I never get upset about that first snow day and I'm always the person who is using that turkey wishbone to request a white Christmas. However, everyone seems to enjoy the winter differently. While some flock to locations that offer some heat, others will be looking for those places blanketed in snow.

For many of us, those smaller numbers on the thermometer are the exact reason we live in Wyoming.

It goes without saying that our state is a popular place for cold-weather seekers. I think we would all agree that there are plenty of cold-weather activities to do in Wyoming at a decent price. Which is why I'm stunned that Wallet Hub left the entire state off of their Top Cold-Weather Destinations list. Especially since they looked at cost, convenience of traveling, attractions, activities and more when compiling their list

The closest place on the list to us is Denver. Would you add us to the list? What are some of your favorite things to do in the winter?

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