Snow plow drivers in Wyoming are our everyday heroes. From clearing the roads to make sure our kids get to school in the morning, to working tirelessly to re-open roads that have been closed by the weather. But one Wyoming Snow Plow driver did a little more heroism this past week when he struck a bag of cash on the side of the highway, leading to massive drug arrests in Carbon County.

The driver hit a simple bump in the road, but soon realized that mountains of cash were pouring out of the black pelican bag, leading him to pull over and call the closest police department to report what he'd found. He turned the case over to the Elk Mountain patrol office.

At the same time, someone had called, asking about their missing pelican bag. They were told to contact the Elk Mountain patrol office, and when they arrived, the smell of marijuana lead to arrests and nearly 81 pounds of marijuana being confiscated from the vehicle.

All because one diligent snow plow driver happened to find the giant bag of cash, and the criminals actually went to the police to try to recover it.


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