A big deal is being made about the world's human population reaching 8 Billion people.

Actually, that's not as crowded as you might think.

One of many doomsday scenarios that have failed to come true was a book named The Population Bomb.

Released in1968, the book spread fears that our planet could not sustain itself. Hundreds of millions of people would DIE if we did not get out population under control.

At that time the world's population was 3 Billion people.

The author claimed that the world could not sustain itself anymore. The nation of India would starve and DIE he claimed.

Yet we have far exceeded the number of people that the author claimed would cause a worldwide crisis and none of his horrifying predictions have come true.

Actually, while 8 Billion is a large number, this planet still has more than enough elbow room.

Because of our use of coal, natural gases, and oil we produce more food than we need on less and less land every year.

The problem has been getting that food to the people who need it, mostly because of political strife and wars.

But if you are feeling boxed in by too many people then perhaps you might consider moving to one of the lesser populated states.

Wyoming for example, is one of America's larger states, in land mass, but has the smallest population of the 50.

As of the last census Wyoming has a population of just 578,803 (2021).

If we spread everyone out across the state that gives everyone an average of just 5.85 people for every square mile.

Why did the population bomb get it all wrong?  This video will show you.

Folks in major cities have so little elbow room they get the idea that the entire planet looks and smells as bad as where they live.

They need to get out more.

There is a reason the people of Wyoming love their wide open spaces.

Wyoming Driving VS. City Driving


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