Talia Poafpybitty appeared before Circuit Court Judge Denise Nau Thursday morning.

Poafpybitty was arrested on Aug. 4 after Deputy Jason Gillott and his partner stopped to use the restroom at the Maverik on the S. Greeley Highway and were confronted by two clerks who said Poafpybitty had placed a bag on the counter saying it contained a bomb and threatened to blow the store up if she wasn't given all the money.

"One of the store clerks thought that he was going to die," said Gillott.

​Gillott says Poafpybitty was also caught on camera making a finger gun in her coat and pointing it toward the clerk.

Nau found probable cause to bind ​Poafpybitty over on charges of attempted robbery-threat and interference with a peace officer-resist and reduced her bond from $15,000 cash to $10,000 cash or surety.

If convicted, Poafpybitty could face up to 11 years in prison.

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