A Centennial woman is facing an attempted murder charge after allegedly lacing a woman's milkshake with oxycodone.

The incident occurred on February 13, when 59-year-old Virginia Ogles took Pieter Hondius to lunch at a McDonald's in Estes Park, and brought back a chocolate milkshake for his 94-year-old wife, Helen.

After returning home, The Coloradoan reports that Ogles forced Helen to drink the milkshake, refusing to leave until she had finished most of it.

Pieter found Helen unresponsive in their home around 4:30 p.m. that day.

After taking her to the hospital, a blood test revealed that she had 555 nanograms per milliliter of oxycodone in her body.

This dose is usually fatal, but officials were able to revive Helen with two does of nalaxone, an opioid overdose reversal.

Ogles, who was Helen's co-guardian, later told the Estes Park Police Department that she wanted her dead because she was in pain and it "was hard to watch her quality of life."

Earlier, Ogles had admitted to putting two oxycodone pills in the milkshake, insisting that she did not mean to kill Helen, but only to make her sleep better.

A pharmacist later noted to officers that two pills is not enough to equal the dosage Helen received, revealing that Ogles must have given her more.

Ogles turned herself in to the Arapahoe County Jail on Tuesday (March 31). On top of attempted murder, she is facing charges of first- and second-degree assault of an at-risk person.

The Estes Park Police Department believes this was an isolated incident, and there is no threat to the community.

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