Summer is almost here and that means BASEBALL!

KOWB 1290 wants to take you out to the ball game - any professional baseball game in America. Just enter below, as many times as you like. One winner will fly with a friend to any big league baseball game between June 1 and August 1.

And we know you can't just GO and sit there unrefreshed and tired from your travels and not showing any team spirit - so we're making this a total package:

If you win the contest, in addition to free airfare to the airport closest to the stadium you pick, we're throwing in a one night hotel stay and $300 to use to get you to the game and to your hotel in style.

Finally, you’ll get a meal ticket at the game, so you can scarf a dog or some nachos during the action!

All you have to do to enter is join the Mighty 1290 Club -  sign-up is free, and qualifies you for tons of contests like this one, plus games, prizes, and exclusive content.