Black Friday has been a longstanding tradition with a firm foothold in the realms of both Christmas and Thanksgiving.

On the Friday following Thanksgiving, retailers -large and small- roll out discounts and deals in an unofficial kick-off for Holiday shopping, sometimes opening their doors in the early hours.  Black Friday is also used as an litmus test for the economy, using Black Friday to forecast the amount of spending might be doing over the Christmas Season as a whole.

We have put together a shopping guide for folks in Laramie who want to take part in the local Black Friday deals.

However, this year, some retailers are opening their doors as early as Thanksgiving Day itself.  While this may prove ideal for some, eliminating the need for early-morning hours and sleep deprivation, others have criticized the move pointing out the need for retailers to make employees work on the Thanksgiving Holiday.  One former Wyoming resident, working as a retail employee has even started a facebook group to protest so-called Black Thursday.

We want to know what you think.  Will you be shopping Black Thursday?

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