The Wyoming Republican Primary may be far more interesting than anyone expected. Over the weekend it was revealed that the founder of the controversial security firm Blackwater, Erik Prince, is considering challenging Senator John Barrasso for the Republican nomination for his Wyoming Senate seat.

Now, Wyoming millionaire Republican donor Foster Friess is reportedly mulling the idea of not just backing a candidate, but becoming one.

The Washington Post reports that the 77-year-old Friess is considering a challenge to Barrasso as well. In an email to the Post, Friess is quoted as saying, “Normally, over the years, I’ve dismissed these urgings, but due to the stature of the people requesting, I sense a responsibility to prayerfully explore the possibility.”

And who are the people making the request? As with Erik Prince, it appears that former White House Advisor and founding father of what is known as the “alt-right,” Steve Bannon, has been in conversation with both men.

Friess has given millions to primarily conservative evangelical causes and candidates, most notably, former Representative Rick Santorum.

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