The school closing procedures for inclement weather vary from city to city, as well as from district to district in Wyoming. What's good for Cheyenne, may not always be the same for Laramie. What works in Casper, may be completely different for Rock Springs.

For instance, the Laramie County School District 1 states:

Anytime temperature and/or wind chill are considered to be a comfort factor or hazard to students, special arrangements should be considered. As a guideline, it is suggested that anytime the actual temperature is at 20 degrees or below, special consideration should be given to duration of time outside before school, during recess, and at noon time.

But in Casper, the Natrona County School District states:

This decision is made when current and future weather conditions are extremely hazardous and are not expected to improve throughout the day. No buses will operate. No students report to school and all after-school activities are cancelled.

With all the different procedures around the Cowboy State, when it comes to your personal opinion:


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