Don't be fooled by the word 'disproportionately' in the title of this article. This isn't that much of a loaded question. It's really just showing what costume more way more popular in Wyoming on average than they are in other states. Let's find out...

No matter how you intend to celebrate Halloween this year or any year for that matter, whether you're at a socially distanced party or celebrating by dressing up with friends on a Zoom call, you definitely don't want to show up with the same costume as Karen or Kyle has at the party. Maybe this can help you avoid that.

Based on Google trends, Zippia found that the costume that Wyoming has been searching most for compared to any other state is a 'pirate'. That might seem odd since you wouldn't think many pirates would relate to our state in any way. But then again, pirates are pretty much the cowboys of the sea so in a way, that make sense.

So therefore, if you're planning on being a pirate, maybe you might want to make a change to something else given that it's going to be pretty popular. You don't want to be that guy or girl that shows up with what everyone else is wearing. That's not cool. Don't be that guy or girl.

Of course, if you've already invested in your pirate costume and you have your heart set on it, no one's stopping you. Besides, there's a lot worse costumes you can show up wearing that won't look like an original idea. For instance, in California and North Dakota, they're busy being basic with 'witch' costumes. Real creative, guys. Missouri decided to cash in on the political world with a 'fly' as their pick...Okay, that's a little clever. But Connecticut and Utah took it a step further with Carole Baskin being the most disproportionately popular costume in that state. However, it might be a little overkill if you're using it as part of a couple's costume (pun intended).

You can check out the full list of disproportionately popular costumes in each state by clicking the link here. And who knows, you might find something on the list that's more original than a pirate.

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