Shout out to the DDA for discovering this. I like to think of myself as a donut connoisseur. I mean, I'm a jelly donut guy, mostly, but German pastries are fantastic. I mean, I'll also eat the stale regular glazed abomination that your boss buys for moral boosting. I'm a monster.

The website Food And Wine listed the top donut shops in each state, and wouldn't you know that the top place to get donuts in Wyoming is located in Cheyenne. They chose The Donut Shop On Central. Here's what they said about it.

Dedicated doughnut hounds in Cheyenne have over the years come to count on the enduring presence of a smiling Vanny Leas, and they'd most likely follow Leas and her husband just about anywhere they went, if only for another bite of the those superb apple fritters. These days, you'll find Vanny behind the counter at the Donut Shop on Central—impossible to miss, it's the only building on the block painted in hot pink—serving up not only an exemplary fritter, but the best Bavarian cream for many a mile.

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I mean, I'm pretty pumped we have some credibility in the donut game, and those donuts are at least 10 chef's kisses good. It's nice that they're able to put us on the map and feed us some tasty donuts at the same time. Total win win.

What do you think? Did they get it right?

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