For all of the talk about "successful businessmen" in the Wyoming Governor's race, some of the candidates weren't very conservative with their fortunes. Here's what they got for their money.

Foster Friess sunk $2.4 million into his campaign, according to a filing with the Wyoming Secretary of State published in the Gillette News Record.  With 98% of the precincts reporting, Friess has received 29,782 votes. Investment = $80.59 per vote.

Mark Gordon has raised just over $2 million and has tallied 37.749 votes Investment = $52.98 per vote.

Sam Galeotos raised around $1.8 million and got 14,230 votes. Investment = $126.49 per vote.

Harriet Hagemen raised roughly $1 million and garnered 24,368 votes. Investment = $41.04 per vote.

Taylor Haynes raised $67,633 to get 6,440 votes. Investment = $10.50 per vote.

Bill Dahlin raised $53,067 and received 1,824 votes. Investment = $29.09 per vote.

On the Democratic side, Mary Throne has raised $282,000 and received 12,566 votes, a cost of $22.44 per vote. Rex Wilde raised $830 and tallied 1,175 votes, spending roughly 71 cents per vote. Neither Michael Greene or Kenneth Casner raised any money for their campaigns and collected 2,375 and 1,318 votes, respectively.

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