Wyoming's population continued to decline in 2018 according to reports from the Census Bureau. The state already has the smallest population of all the 50 states, and as that population ages, it could continue to shrink.

But, why would people leave Wyoming? What would be a compelling reason for someone to pick up and make a run for the (Colorado) border?

We asked you that question on Facebook and got a number of answers. While not a scientific poll, the responses may be illuminating.

The first takeaway from the social media discussion is that there are a lot of people that love living in Wyoming. The open spaces and low population are part of the magic of Wyoming that keeps people rooted in Cowboy country. As one person said, "There is no GOOD reason...."

Another added, "Can't leave now, Sir Mix-Alot is coming." So we got that going for us.

But as for what folks said would draw them away from The Equality State, money, healthcare, and the weather topped the list.

"Job opportunity, better pay, better schools. I would definitely trade the wind, hail, blizzards, and tornadoes for a hurricane."

"Low wages, high housing, short summers and long windy winters, mediocre school system, lack of activities for young children and teens."

"Wyoming is a beautiful place but the cost of homes is ridiculous, especially for the condition most of them are in."

"I moved back to Oregon because of the lack of accessible specialty Healthcare. I was tired of traveling to access it."

"Closed mindedness and lack of options"

"Too many good old boys running things here....."

For some, food is the breaking point:

"Fresh seafood🐟🎣🎏 ALSO, not having to claim your cars and house every 6 months due to hail. Plus the wind sucks."

Is there a reason you would move away?

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