While the title of this article may seem oddly specific, everyone seems to like a little nostalgia here and there. And for some, the early 2000s marked a special time in the video game industry. This is when 3D graphics made for fun environments video game players so they could roam around. It's also when Microsoft XBox and Sony's PlayStation began to distribute games that could be played online. So which of these games was a favorite of that time in Wyoming?

The company 'Simple Texting' recently researched what the most adored early 2000s online video game was for every state using Google trends which tracked data between the years of 2004 until the end of 2009. Based on the popularity of certain video games at the time, perhaps you think the answer could be obvious. But that's not completely true.

Something that does seem obvious was the game that was picked as the most adored early 2000s online video game by the most states. Or at least it tied for that title. That game would be 'Grand Theft Auto IV'.

Who doesn't love GTA? I don't even consider myself a gamer, but if I was playing anything at that time, given my proclivity for sports, it was either the latest version of 'Madden' or 'Grand Theft Auto IV'. Three states that border Wyoming picked that as their choice. Those being Colorado, Montana, and Nebraska. Eight states total picked GTA as their choice. Coming in with a tie for first was the game, 'The Sims'. That was a bit of a shocker. But neither of those was the pick in Wyoming.

As for the Cowboy State, our most adored early 2000s online video game is 'Left 4 Dead'. The game has zombies and it has guns (so of course we like it in Wyoming). It was kind of like a video game version of 'The Walking Dead', before TWD. And it didn't contain a story that gets more boring with the longer it goes. Only one other state picked it for their choice and that's Nevada. It appears we have something in common with gamers in Las Vegas after all.

Following 'Grand Theft Auto IV' and 'The Sims'  with how many states picking the game as their choice were the following:

  • Wii Sports (6 states)
  • World Of Warcraft (5 states)
  • Webkinz (4 states)
  • Call Of Duty (3 states)
  • Club Penguin (3 states)

So it looks like Wyoming's all about 'Left 4 Dead' in the early 2000s. And speaking of gamers, the Cheyenne Gaming Convention is just over a month away. Be sure to get your tickets now!

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