We all love living in Wyoming, but where are the happiest places in Wyoming to live? What parts of Wyoming are people feeling like they're in paradise? The website Zippia did some internet voodoo and paid attention to analytics that I'd never go over to find the top 10 happiest places here in the Cowboy State.

Here's how they researched it.

We examined over 18 cities, to find the cities that have all of the above in spades.

While some may be confused to see marriage rates included in our metrics, studies show that married people are typically happier than unmarried people. However, it is worth noting that marriage doesn’t cause happiness. In fact, people leaving a bad marriage experience spikes of happiness. However, a happy marriage and positive social interactions are important for mood and mental health.

Similarly, if you’re scratching your head to see $75,000 as the cut-off for happiness, blame Purdue University. Their study found that amount meets basic needs and frees people from the pitfalls of deep financial insecurity that cause unhappiness.

All of our data comes from the most recent American Community Survey.

Now, with the "why and how" out of the way, here are the top 10 happiest places in Wyoming.

10. Worland

9. Casper


7. Green River

6. Gillette

5. Sheridan

4. Jackson

3. Rock Springs

2. Ranchettes

1. Cody

I'm a little surprised by Ranchettes making the list since it's kind of a suburb of Cheyenne and most of the area still has a Cheyenne address.

Why Cody?

They aren’t wasting their lives on long commutes for one. The average Cody resident only drives 12.2 minute to work. Toss in affordable housing and the fact that most Cody residents are coming home to a loving partner and it’s easy to see the city has a lot going for it.

Interesting. Do you agree with this top 10?

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