You know, Fort Collins has a lot of great things. We all like to go down and get dinner and shop from time to time. They also have some nice breweries in the town, but there's still that stigma of being from Wyoming and going to Colorado, right? I mean, we're two different states with mostly different lifestyles.

When it comes to winter weather, they don't get it nearly as bad as we do. I mean, it's always warmer there. So, when they complain about not getting enough of or too much snow, Wyomingites politely say, "hold my ice-filled beer".

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A Fort Collins resident made a post on TikTok complaining that they didn't get any amount of snow that was forecasted. A Cheyenne resident saw this and decided to stitch that video to theirs and show how much Cheyenne got in comparison.

It's a total "hold my beer" moment and I loved it. Also, man, that's a TON of snow in the video.

It's also a lot of fun to just pick on Fort Collins. As I said, we do like to go there, but they're definitely a different breed down there. They also don't need a mini tractor to knock down the snow as we did in the video above. I'm guessing that video is from last year. I'll take the half-foot we got today, thank you very much. That's still more than they got in the video above. I'm sure we could still make the same argument with today's snowfall. Take that, Fort Collins.

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