I'm sure someone that has extensive knowledge of vintage cars and boats can watch this video and pinpoint an exact date of when it was filmed.

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I personally looked at the fashions of the guests as they watched Old Faithful and based on the full skirts and petticoats that the ladies were wearing, I would say this was filmed in the mid to late '50s.

The choppy film style and music were also another clue to this video's age.

This short and sweet snapshot of Wyoming's parks back in the day is actually pretty fun to watch.

I took a moment to see when it was legal to climb Devils Tower because I found it surprising to see people scaling its rocky sides, I thought it might give me another clue as to when the video was filmed.

And guess what I found out?

It's 100% legal to climb Devils Tower.

I had no idea.

I thought as a national monument it was protected, and like many of the fascinating sights at Yellowstone you aren't allowed to go near, I thought it was actually illegal to climb it.

Guess I better add a visit to Devils Tower to our Summer road trip list so next time I get my facts straight ;)

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