One thing I've learned over the last few years, if you're going to search Wyoming-themed topics, especially on social media sites and apps, you better have thick skin.

The Cowboy State is often the butt of jokes. Matter of fact, the more popular we get, I'm about 100% sure it gives these folks more comedic canon-fodder.

While doing some late night TikTok searches, I came across the account of davewiswell. He's got a pretty decent following and seems to make his bread and butter off dark humor. A video he made back in November 2020 seems to point to another version of "Wyoming Doesn't Exist", albeit he went a the long way to get to his point.

While I give him some props for the editing and research he did, he gets the most cool points for originality. I must say, I didn't see the punchline coming. Honestly, considering his sources, he could have made the video even darker. I'm guessing the time constraints kept it in the PG-13 ranking.

Even still, I find it somewhat shocking that no one in the entire state ever looked up the female orgasm before. I'm going to have to do some research of my own on that one. True or false, the Dave's video still did get a slight chuckle out of me, so mission accomplished, I suppose.

This second video (shown above) goes more into his joke about Wyoming not existing. Honestly, since these videos seem to be doing well for him, I expect him to keep it going.

If you decide to look up any of his other videos, be warned... they do tend to fall more into the realm of the R rating section.

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