Watching nature videos is one of our favorite past times and Grizzlies in Yellowstone offer some fun and exciting videos.

You know when your favorite meal is being made and you can smell it from afar and came running?  Bears are the same way! The area inside a bears nose is 100 times what a humans is and many experts say the bear has one of the best sense of smell of all animals. When there is the opportunity of a Bison Buffet, sources say a bears snout can pick up that scent from up to 20 miles away! That's a distance from Hat 6 in Casper to Glenrock! So keep that in mind when you're out for a leisurely stroll in bear country!

In this video, you'll see a VERY large Grizzly bear in Yellowstone get a whiff of lunch and comes running in from a long way away. Can you even imagine what it would be like if you were minding your own business in nature and all of a sudden you look up and a bear that size was running at you? Back in the 1980's William "The Refrigerator" Perry was a 6'2 335 lb Chicago Bear and would sometimes run the football, that's exactly what I think about when I see videos of a large bear running to lunch.

It's amazing the distance, speed and agility that these HUGE bears posses. Watching this video shot by Yellowstone Regular Gary Gaston should be reason enough for picture/video seekers to stay away! This bear isn't even full on running!

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