As I've mentioned previously, winter may be the best time to be in Yellowstone National Park. You don't have many tourists to deal with thanks to main roads being closed. But, that doesn't mean it's ideal for snowmobiles if they get too close to bison as a new video share shows.

Credit to Distinctly Montana as I saw them share this video again recently. It's an encounter that snowmobile riders had with a obviously very ticked bison.

This video was originally shared a couple of winters ago. The funny thing on the YouTube share is it created a firestorm of comments debating over whether the bison was attacking or playfully charging. A comment from "The Spectosphere" gives you a good idea of the argument:

That’s not attacking, that’s playful, he running along them, was jumping around and stopping short, he could have got those riders they’re much faster sprinters than he was showing and pulled off the riders at the end.

Lily Northover said "He's just playin witcha 😂😂😂"

Even if he's just "playin", I would hate to be on the receiving end of a smack from a 1,500 pound bison. Better to remember that Yellowstone is more his park than yours if you're a visitor.

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