I am a fan of gravity. It makes sure I am firmly planted on the ground and I don't plan to defy it any time soon. One motorcyclist near Greybull, Wyoming obviously doesn't feel the same way as he just went up and over a huge hill.

When I say "huge hill", I'm not kidding. This is one monster mound of dirt that almost amounts to a cliff. If you're not familiar, Greybull is near the Bighorns which does not lack tall things to climb.

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Over the years, there have been some professional hill climbing events in this part of Wyoming. Jackson has their famous snowmobile climb every year, so fear of heights is not recommended if you plan to be a part of any of this.

The guy that shared this video is Joshua Granger. Not sure if he's also the rider, but regardless this is impressive.

I could not help but think of Napoleon Dynamite's aunt when I saw this. Sand dunes anyone?

The Greybull climb is much more impressive, so well done Joshua or whoever pulled it off.

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