By looking at the headline, you probably wouldn't know that this is a sweet story, but it is. New video shows a mama bison teaching her baby how to properly have a dirt bath. There's an additional twist that makes this story very sentimental.

How could a large beast rolling around in the dirt be sweet? Check out the details from the family that shared the video that they captured in Yellowstone National Park:

My husband and I took our little Maddie Dog for her last day in the park as she was sick with cancer and we were helping her to cross over the next day. She had a really good day as we got a chance to see this baby bison getting a lesson in dirt baths.

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Here's the bison moment they were talking about.

In case you missed it, we shared a moment recently in Yellowstone when a baby bison decided to take a nap in the middle of one of the roads. The elder bison mamas surrounded the little one to make sure no one messed with her.

The National Park Service estimates that the bison population in Yellowstone varies from anywhere as low as 2,300 up to 5,500. They also mention that bison are not technically an endangered species. They also gave more background behind the dirt rolling shown in the video and why it's important:

This rolling, also called wallowing, deters biting flies and removes tufts of molted fur. Bison also leave their scent in the wallow. And during the rut, bull bison wallow to display their strength and vigor.

I tried this in our yard and my wife was not impressed. Oh, well. At least it's effective for bison and made for a special moment for a dog's last visit to the park.

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