Goal is to Improve and Enhance City Services

LARAMIE – Are you one of the lucky residents of Laramie who received survey notification letters from the Wyoming Survey Analysis Center on Friday? If so, the City of Laramie asks that you consider responding promptly – and preferably, online.

Residents were selected at random. The notification letters include the option of completing the survey online. If the resident does not respond to the online option, another letter will follow in about a week.

Brian Harnisch, a senior research scientist with the Center, said the purpose of the survey is to gather input from residents on a wide variety of topics of interest.

"Beginning in 2008, and every 3 years since, the City of Laramie has conducted four citizen surveys.  Each survey asks similar and often identical questions so that improvement can be tracked over time."

Harnisch said the information gathered in the surveys assists in the delivery of city services, improved communications, strategic planning, and budget development.

"The City of Laramie regards the surveys as one of many ways to get to know its customers - its residents and visitors - and, in turn, improve or enhance city services to better meet local needs."

The City of Laramie requests that surveys are completed and returned in accordance with the instructions included with the survey.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Janine Jordan, city manager, at jjordan@cityoflaramie.org, phone 307-721-5226; or Sarah Reese, city grants analyst, at sreese@cityoflaramie.org, phone 307-721-5201. City office hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.



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