The Laramie fisheries and Aquatic Invasive Species crews have helped inspect two separate loads of walleye from the Garrison National Fish Hatchery in North Dakota before stocking them into lakes and reservoirs in southeast Wyoming.

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As Wyoming hatcheries only raise trout, walleye come from North Dakota for Wyoming waters. The walleye are raised in outdoor ponds, so the loads must be free of plants, invertebrates, tadpoles, and fish before stocking.

In order to achieve this, biologists sort through the shipment by running the fish over whiteboards before stocking them, which makes it easy to see anything that doesn’t belong.

Once cleared, 400,000 fingerling walleye were stocked into Grayrocks Reservoir in June. In August, Hawk Springs Reservoir and Wheatland Reservoir #1 each received 40,000 walleye.

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