It's not every day that you get to take a look back at what it was like to be inside of a homesteading cabin from the early days of Wyoming. A new YouTube short video gives you a peek inside the Teton's famous Cunningham cabin.

The National Park Service provides some information about the origins of this special Wyoming cabin:

The Cunningham Cabin stands as one of the valley’s few remaining structures from the homesteading era when settlers filed nearly 400 claims in Jackson Hole. In the 1880s, John and Margaret Cunningham staked a claim for the Bar Flying U Ranch.

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A visitor recently shared a quick visit they made to the Cunningham cabin.

If only those walls could talk. If you're interested in visiting yourself, the National Park Service directions are good ones to follow:

The Cunningham Cabin is located north on highway 191 near the eastern boundary of the park. Park in the large parking area near the highway or if room, use the smaller lot close to the site.

Gotta love a vintage Wyoming location like this one. You're not gonna come closer to being Wyoming "old school" than this.

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