In the Red Desert north of Rock Springs lies one of the most historically significant petroglyph collections in the world. Hundreds of carvings are etched into the sandstone cliffs along with a serious of mysterious handprints. Now, researchers are attempting to explain the enigmatic origin of the ancient artifacts.

Mystery History recently published a YouTube video exploring the White Mountain Petroglyphs, and specifically how our ancestors were able to leave their stamp on history nearly 2,000 years ago.

"How did an ancient people manage to create these marks?" the narrator wonders. "Were they left by individuals capable of softening stone or perhaps left upon the stones while not fully formed?"

One theory presented in the video suggests that ancient civilizations may have been able to use a substance derived from plants to soften the sandstone. Another possible explanation involves the use of high temperatures to shape the solid surfaces.

"Although the petroglyphs of the White Mountains have yet to be fully studied by anyone, we feel they are probably the strongest piece of evidence of this long process," they conclude.


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