Security and fire safety statistics have been released by the University of Wyoming's Police Department for the 2012 Calendar year.

Among definitions of security violations as well as fire safety definitions, practices and tips, the report includes data from the previous three years as to various security violations as defined by the UWPD.

According to the report a grand total of 5 forciable sexual assaults were reported to the UWPD in 2012, which is down from 7 in 2011. UW Police Cheif Mike Samp says those numbers are largely driven by some key variables.  "Sexual assault numbers on campus vary from year to year, depending on how many survivors of those are willing to come forward.  I think reporting lines from the various entities on campus that are involved in the sexual assault prevention issue have been more firmly established and hopefully we maintain those reporting lines for our students faculty and staff."

Further, the report shows a drop in Liquor Law Violations as well as Drug Violations. Liquor Law cases numbered 178, down from 2011 at 205. Drug cases numbered 60, down from 96 in 2011.  "The [drug] numbers have essentially leveled off," says Chief Samp.  "We saw some big increases in the last few years, potentially through an impact from other locations.  Alcohol numbers are somewhat down from what we've had in the last few years.  I think those slight dips in those two categories might be related to staffing issues from our own department."

On the fire safety side of things UW reports no fire related damage or injuries from Calendar Year 2012.

Chief Samp goes on to say that when looking at the statistics, they vary from year to year, but there is value in finding issues facing the university.  "The most important thing is that we have issues we still need to address proactively in the future," says Samp.  "Whether it be from the sexual assault, domestic violence and stalking issue to property crimes and other crimes of opportunity, if folks can be proactive and maintain good communication with law enforcement as well as themselves, co-workers or fellow students we stand a lot better chance of reducing these numbers further in the future."

You can see a copy of the full report at the University of Wyoming website.

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