Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, a University of Wyoming partner, has been awarded an investment certificate, clearing a key hurdle in mass production of spider silk in Vietnam, according to a Kraig Biocraft news release.

The investment certificate was issued to the company during the Quang Nam Investment Conference, which was attended by numerous high level central government officials, including Vietnam’s Prime Minister and ministers of all relevant governmental departments.  .

Don Jarvis, a UW professor of molecular biology and Randy Lewis, a former UW professor of molecular biology, sit on Kraig Biocraft’s Board of Scientific Advisors. UW and the University of Notre Dame teamed up with Kraig Biocraft as educational development partners for the Michigan-based company.

Professor Jarvis also agreed to a formal consulting position with Kraig Biocraft in June 2008.

In 2010, a research and development effort between Kraig Biocraft, UW and Notre Dame resulted in the creation of the world’s first recombinant spider silk polymers, via transgenic silkworms capable of spinning artificial spider silks.

The silk fibers have many possible applications, such as improved wound-healing bandages, natural scaffolds for tendon and ligament repair, bulletproof vests and improved automobile airbags.

In July 2016, Kraig Biocraft announced it received a contract to produce high performance fibers for protective apparel applications for the U.S. Army.

The investment certificate award was the final step before the company seeks central government approval for the expansion of Kraig Labs’ business.  The company’s efforts to secure final approval are already underway.

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