University of Wyoming research scientist with UW Wyoming Natural Diversity Data base, Zach Wallace, has aided in creating a plan for conservation of golden eagles in Wyoming and the surrounding states.

He is the lead author of one conservation planning document and was the second author of another. These documents are for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services Western Golden Eagle Team. These documents give a risk assessment and management recommendations to aid eagles in regards to coexisting with renewable energy development.

The conservation plans states that Wyoming is one of the areas in North America which has great potential for wind energy development. It lays out maps which overlay the golden eagle habitats with the best areas for wind energy development, so as to help with making effective management actions.

Along with mortality from wind turbines, the documents also list other risks to golden eagle populations. These include collisions with power lines, lead poisoning from bullet fragments from hunters, oil and gas development and conversion of range land to cropland.

You can read the conservation strategy for the Wyoming and Uinta basin region here, in which Wallace is the lead author.

You can read the conservation strategy for Northwestern Great Plains Region here, in which Wallace is the second author. The lead author is Brian Bedrosian from the Teton Raptor Center.

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