JACKSON, Wyo. (AP) — Wyoming officials have named a university faculty member the new state archaeologist.

The Buckrail Daily News reported Tuesday that the Wyoming State Archeologist’s Office hired Tennessee-native Spencer Pelton.

Officials say the department investigates, records and preserves prehistoric and historic human activity evidence statewide.

Officials say Pelton moved west in 2009 and has lived in California, Nevada and Colorado before moving to Wyoming in 2013.

Department officials say Pelton’s research experience is in the early prehistory of hunter-gatherers of the High Plains and the Rocky Mountains.

Officials say the university’s Department of Anthropology contributes educational opportunities in prehistory, cultural resource management, archaeological excavation and scientific perspectives.

Pelton says he looks forward to fostering curiosity into the state’s history.

Pelton lives in Laramie with his wife Hallie and their dog, Cashew.

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